Bracebridge Dinner

Bracebridge Dinner

Yosemite's Holiday Tradition

Please Note: Due to the Historic Seismic Project happening at The Ahwahnee in 2023, we are not hosting The Bracebridge Dinner. We look forward to the completion of this project and bringing The Bracebridge Dinner back in 2024.

Come travel back through time to a Christmas of centuries past!

The grand Ahwahnee Dining Room, aglow with candlelight and filled with the warmth and spirit of this beautiful time of year, is transformed into the magical Manor Hall of author Washington Irving's Squire Bracebridge. The evening abounds with the glorious sound of voices, while rollicking entertainment and profusions of food are but part of America's best-loved holiday tradition. The harmony of music and nature unite in this elegant evening -- an extraordinary tribute to a timeless season of joy.

Fun Fact: Famed photographer Ansel Adams was the first director of Bracebridge Dinner and he also performed as one of the main characters. 

The seasons have now come full circle. The Valley is blanketed with peace.

We gather in convivial mood to revel, yet, as well, to pay tribute to nature’s own tradition. For within the walls of this hallowed valley, where our hearts, restored, are filled with gladness, nature speaks of deepest peace.

Our souls, renewed by nature’s grandeur and tranquility, affirm our desire for love and brotherhood to unite our world as we are here united in the harmony of music and nature.

Now, let our celebration start, with merry song and dance and sport, that all ye gathered together may show such tribute, as again is due, the god who gave all this around, that fills our hearts with joy profound!