The Ahwahnee Construction FAQs

The Ahwahnee Construction FAQs

The Ahwahnee will undergo some structural enhancements from January 2023 until October 2023. These enhancements are necessary to strengthen the structure, replace aging components and completely rehabilitate the kitchen. Below are for frequently asked questions as well as some answers. Should you not see your question below, email and we will be happy to assist you.

General Questions:

Will the Pool be open?

The pool will open at the end of August, 2023.

Will there be area of The Ahwahnee that will be closed during my trip?

Yes, there may be some exterior walkways and public spaces closed. The main dining room will be inaccessible to the public until August 2023. The Solarium, Winter Club Room and part of the Great Lounge will be used as the dining space until August of 2023. The Mural Room will be a designated staff area. Additionally, the Upper Lounge including the Tresidder and Colonial Rooms will be staff only areas until October 2023. As things change, we will try our best to inform guests ahead of time regarding the closed areas.

How loud will the construction be?

We are expecting low to intermittent medium levels of noise. The heaviest noise will take place during January and February when the hotel is closed to the public.

What are the hours of construction?

The work will be between 9:00am -5:30pm and only on Mondays – Fridays.

Can I cancel my reservation if I do not want to be at The Ahwahnee during this time period?

Yes, you may cancel your reservation as long as it is canceled at least 7 days in advance of your arrival date to receive a refund for your deposit.

Dining Questions:

Will the Dining Room be open?

We anticipate the main Dining Room opening at some point in August.

Will The Ahwahnee Bar be open?

The Ahwahnee Bar will be open and be full service.

Will Room Service be available?

Room Service is not scheduled to be open during construction.

What will the menu and style of service be for the dining experience?

The Ahwahnee will offer buffet service for breakfast and dinner in the Great Lounge for at least the months of March-July. The culinary team is creating a new summer menu for the Dining Room when it is scheduled to open for regular service August 2023. The Ahwahnee Bar will be open daily for coffee and breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner.